Satellite Images Show Damage to Alleged Quds Force HQs in Damascus

Source: ImageSat International (ISI)

Satellite images released by Israeli intelligence company ImageSat International (ISI) show the destruction of two suspected Iranian headquarters around Damascus that were hit in Israeli airstrikes overnight Tuesday.

IAF fighter jets struck dozens of military targets belonging to the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian Armed Forces after four rockets were fired from Syria into northern Israel earlier that day.

The satellite imagery, released Wednesday night, show the National Defense Building in Damascus, known as the Glasshouse, located in the Damascus International Airport. According to ISI, the building was believed to have been used as a headquarters by the Quds Force’s intelligence unit. Following the strike, the two floors were wrecked and “the site looks abandoned,” the report stated.

Another building believed to be a Quds Force HQ was located at the al-Mezzeh airport. According to ISI, the building was almost completely destroyed in the strike.


[Sources: Sputnik News, The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel]

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