Milipol 2019: Israeli Companies Present Anti-Ram Barrier Solution

The RAEM barrier (Photo courtesy of the company)

RAEM Barriers, an Israeli company specializing in anti-ram barriers, is presenting together with its European distributor G.G. Defense Systems, an innovative, rapidly deployed barrier at Milipol 2019, currently taking place in Paris.

The barrier, marketed under the name PARB (Portable Anti-Ram Barrier), provides a viable solution for stopping vehicles from bursting into a crowd or secured area.

The specially constructed barrier works on the principle of deflecting and dissipating energy. According to the company, the portable barrier can be installed anywhere within minutes and stop a truck weighing up to 7.5 tons in less than 15 meters.

The easy-to-operate, stainless steel barrier is made up of interchangeable parts that can be connected and threaded according to customers’ needs and field requirements. The system is equipped with removable wheels for light and fast mobility, a canvas storage bag, and a trolley. According to the company, the roadblock barrier can be assembled in five minutes, requiring no prior knowledge or dedicated tools.

“Immediately after the vehicle rams the RAEM barrier, the negative acceleration lowers the energy to a minimum, as the interlocked spikes cause irreparable damage to the vehicle, and it is blocked immediately,” explains RAEM CEO Avram Gamson. “When designing the security components for a mass event, the RAEM barrier will be set, taking into account the terrain and distance from the target and as is an acceptable practice for solutions in a security operation.”

“My vision,” says Avram, “is that within the next few years, the RAEM barrier system will become the required standard for all mass security events – sport events, marathons, marches, etc. – protecting and saving lives.”

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