IDF Concludes Surprise Drill in the North

Thousands of conscript soldiers and reservists took part in the two-day exercise, designed to improve the Northern Command’s readiness for war

Photo: IDF

The IDF on Tuesday evening completed a two-day surprise exercise in northern Israel, aimed to test the military’s readiness for combat in case a war broke out in this region.

Troops from the IDF Northern Command’s Ga’ash and Galil Divisions took part in the exercise, along with soldiers from the Air Force and Ground Forces, as well as the Intelligence, C4I, Technology, and Logistics Directorates.

In addition, thousands of reservists from the Etzioni Brigade and other reserve units were called up suddenly to participate in the exercise as they “expected to take part in the [Northern] Command’s missions during war-time,” the IDF said.

The troops simulated the rapid transition from routine to emergency, from defense to offense; the processes of gathering troops and weapons; taking out equipment; and the movement of forces through the region, the army said.

“The exercise is another tier of improvement in terms of readiness in the northern sector,” said Brig. Gen. Shlomi Binder, commander of the Galil Division. “We are in a continuous process of improving force readiness for the next campaign. These past two days have helped us to make more precise the missions and goals in a defensive and offensive campaign.”


[Sources: The Times of Israel, i24 News, Israel National News]

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