Netline Introduces New Direction-Finding Component to DroneNet System

Netline's DroneNet system (Photo courtesy of company)

Netline Communications Technologies has developed a new direction-finding (DF) component for its counter-UAS DroneNet system.

DroneNet is designed to detect, identify, direction find, locate, and jam UAS that threaten secured airspaces, such as that over strategic facilities, military bases, or high-profile public events.

The new, MIL-STD-compliant DF component adds an additional layer to the multi-layer DroneNet solution. While the deployment of a single DF sensor points to the location of a detected drone – both its direction and its elevation – the deployment of multiple DF sensors enables the determination of a precise 3D location.

When DroneNet detects an unauthorized UAS, it can jam the communication between the drone and its operator on ISM bands, as well as the drone’s GPS signal in order to eliminate the immediate threat.

Yallon Bahat, CEO of Netline, said: “As future threats in this field evolve, Netline continues to invest in developing additional capabilities in several domains. We are proud to reveal two of these capabilities, providing enhanced actionable information, such as precise 3D location, and surgical mitigation. Netline’s solution is one of the first of its kind currently available in the C-drone market. This latest development aligns with our vision to become one of the leading players in the C-drone solutions arena, and our aim to overcome our customers’ operational gaps.”


[Source: Shephard Media]

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