German Army Acquires 1,500 Spike Missiles

The order also includes hundreds of integrated control launch unit (ICLU) launchers. The value of the deal was not disclosed

Photo courtesy of Rafael

Eurospike, a joint venture between Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Diehl Defence, and Rheinmetall Electronics, has signed a multi-year framework agreement for the supply of Spike (also known as MELLS in Germany) missiles and launchers to the German Army.

The missiles and launchers will be manufactured in Germany by local companies in keeping with Rafael’s global policy of teaming up with the domestic industry, resulting in knowledge transfer.

As part of the framework contract, the first order is for 1,500 Spike missiles, as well as hundreds of Rafael’s new ICLU (Integrated Control Launch Unit) dismounted missile launchers. The multi-year contract will allow the Bundeswehr to continue procuring additional Spike missiles in the next few years.

The German Army is already using both the dismounted portable Spike (MELLS) launcher as well as the vehicle-mounted launcher on its Puma, Marder, and Wiesel vehicles.

“This is a significant contract for Eurospike and thus for Rafael, as a leading supplier of fifth-generation ATGM in the world. It will undoubtedly cement the German Army’s position as one of the strongest ATGM forces in Europe,” said Moshe Elazar, EVP and Head of Rafael’s Land and Naval Division. “The Spike missile and launcher cross-nation commonality enables the nations to manage joint Spike missile stocks, create joint procurement, and maintain mutual support. In combination with local production within Europe by Eurospike, Spike is a truly common European missile.”

The Spike family consists of precise, multi-platform, multi-mission, and multi-range electro-optical missiles, with capabilities of fire-and-forget, as well as fire, observe and update, allowing attack of hidden targets.

With 33 Spike missile users around the world, Germany is among 19 other Spike users in NATO and the EU. More than 30,000 Spike missiles have been supplied worldwide to date, with over 5500 Spike missile firings, both in training and combat.