Report: Israel Struck Building in Damascus

Amid the recent escalation in southern Israel following the elimination of a senior PIJ commander in Gaza, Syrian media reports that an Israeli missile attack targeted the home of another Islamic Jihad commander in the capital

Source: Twitter

Syria’s state news agency SANA reported on Tuesday that Israel had struck a residential building in Damascus that housed a commander of the Islamic Jihad.

According to the report, two people were killed and six others wounded after two missiles hit a building in the Mezzeh area of the capital. A third missile reportedly landed in the Damascus suburb of Daraya.

Earlier, state media had said the Syrian army opened fire on “a hostile target” over Daraya.

It was not immediately clear if the senior commander, identified as Akram al-Ajouri, was among those killed in the strike. The terror group claimed that al-Ajouri survived the attack, while his son and one of his bodyguards were killed.

The attack in Damascus coincided with the targeted killing of a senior Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza.

The IDF did not comment on the attack in the Syrian capital.


[Sources: AP, Reuters]


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