Israeli Cabinet Approves Appointment of Naftali Bennett as Defense Minister

Prime Minister Netanyahu on Friday appointed the New Right party leader as defense minister in his caretaker government. Minister Yoav Galant was the only minister to vote against the appointment, saying it “does not serve the security of the state”

Netanyahu and Bennett in a cabinet meeting (Archive photo: AP)

The Israeli Cabinet on Sunday approved the appointment of right-wing politician Naftali Bennett of the New Right party as defense minister in Netanyahu’s caretaker government.

Bennett will replace Netanyahu himself, who has held the office since last November, when former defense minister Avigdor Liberman resigned.

“Out of a deep sense of responsibility for the security of the State of Israel, I accepted Prime Minister Netanyahu’s request on Friday to serve as defense minister,” Bennett said in a statement, thanking the prime minister for his trust in him.

Minister Yoav Galant, who has spoken several times in recent days against Bennett’s appointment as defense minister, was the only minister to vote against the appointment.

“Israel is in a complex and sensitive period of security. This appointment does not serve the security of the state and therefore I will vote against it,” Galant explained his decision.

Bennett has long been criticizing the government’s handling of the conflict with Gaza, advocating a more hawkish stance toward Hamas.


[Sources: Israel National News, The Times of Israel]