Israel Shipyards Confirms First OPV-45 Order

The company is also in talks with an unspecified country regarding the possible sale of a Sa’ar S-72 corvette

The OPV-45 (Source: Israel Shipyards)

Israel Shipyards has secured its first order for the new OPV-45, and is in discussions towards the first sale of a Sa’ar S-72 corvette, a company official said.

The company has sold two OPV-45s in September, and the construction of the vessels will begin soon.

The OPV-45, which was launched in May this year, is 45.7 meters long, has a 3,000 nautical mile range, a 290-ton displacement, and a 24 knot top speed. The OPV-45 is driven by fixed-pitch propellers, and the power plants depend on the customer’s needs. It can mount stabilized naval gun systems of up to 30 mm in the primary position, and 12.7 mm machine guns.

There are also talks with an unspecified country regarding the possible sale of the Sa’ar S-72, and the company has already started building one ship. The Sa’ar S-72 corvette is 71.8 meters long, has a 3,200 nautical mile range, an 800-ton displacement, and a top speed of 30 knots.


[Sources: Jane’s, Shephard Media]

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