Indian Navy Looking to Replace Barak-1 Missile Systems

IAI and Rafael are expected to participate in the tender for a new short-range surface-to-air missile system that will replace the Barak-1 ADS on board Kamorta-class corvettes

INS Kamorta (Source: Indian Navy via Wikimedia Commons)

The Indian Navy is looking to buy short-range surface-to-air missile (SRSAM) systems to replace its Israeli Barak-1 air defense systems on board Kamorta-class corvettes.

According to a report by The Print, the Navy plans to buy the SRSAM systems for four ships, as well as some 150 missiles. Each SRSAM system will have a command and control system, a two-way datalink and a launcher for a particular number of missiles.

European missile-maker MBDA and Swedish firm SAAB are expected to participate in the bidding process, as well as Israeli companies IAI and Rafael, and Samsung of South Korea. Russian companies are also expected to offer bids.

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