Cybertech Europe 2019: Special Coverage

Thousands of people from more than 50 countries participated in the fourth edition of Cybertech Europe, considered the largest event of its kind in the continent

Photo: Blu Cobalto Photography

Thousands of visitors from over 50 countries attended Cybertech Europe 2019, which was held this week in Rome for the fourth consecutive year.

The two-day conference and exhibition, organized in collaboration with Leonardo and Accenture – the event’s innovation partner, is regarded as the most important cyber event in Europe.

More than 100 companies, startups, and organizations had the opportunity to discuss the current cybersecurity climate as well as share best practices and strategies for the future.

The objective of Cybertech Europe 2019 was to highlight the notion that cybersecurity should not be perceived only in its negative sense of risk but should be seen as an opportunity for collaboration between business industries, countries, and people to prevent, fight, and limit the damage generated by cyberattacks.

Throughout the event, participants enjoyed fascinating panel discussions and lectures from industry leaders, senior executives, academics, and other experts who addressed various aspects of the global cyber landscape.

Leonardo CEO Alessandro Profumo, commented: “It has been a pleasure to participate at Cybertech Europe 2019. Year after year, this forum has been constantly growing and expanding its reach. This enthusiastic response shows that we are on the right path in facing the rising challenges of the continuously evolving cyber sector.”

Continuous innovation in business is a balancing act, and the stakes have never been higher. From the Internet of Things, to blockchain, to artificial intelligence, C-suite executives recognize that while these new technologies carry new possibilities transforming entire industries, they also create new security concerns,” stated Gene Reznik, Chief Strategy Officer at Accenture. “Disruption is a huge opportunity to reimagine, innovate, and grow entire ecosystems. That’s why companies must implement effective security strategies that can enable innovation in a climate of confidence and trust.”

“The digital economy is built on a foundation of trust. Data and technology are vulnerable to cyberattacks, can displace human jobs, and can devour human attention span spawning societal challenges,” said Rohit Ghai, President RSA Security. “Digital technologies are a formidable force for the progress of humanity, and they magnify digital risk. As we’ve seen organizations fail to demonstrate cyber-resilience and competency in managing data privacy and integrity, we see a growing erosion of trust in technology.”

“Occasions like Cybertech Europe are very important to us because they allow us to meet institutions, academies, and industries, and create synergies in order to build a safer world,” said Morten Lehn, General Manager Italy at Kaspersky. “Today, cybersecurity is about more than just protecting endpoint devices – it is about developing an ecosystem where everything connected is protected, and all the systems are secure by design.”

“This edition of Cybertech has allowed us to deal positively with customers and companies. The world is facing new challenges imposed by an IT landscape in which threats grow exponentially: new technological innovations such as IoT and 5G are expanding the exposure to attacks, with over 40 billion online devices expected within five years,” said Anthony Grieco, Cisco Trust Strategy Officer. “We will soon inaugurate the first Center of Excellence and Co-Innovation in Milan focused on cybersecurity and privacy. In order to be able to face the most delicate and complex IT security challenges, we must work together.”

“Cybersecurity has undergone a huge revolution in the past few years with established vendors and approaches being swept aside. Cybertech Europe 2019 once again showcases the best new developments in our industry and the huge steps that have been taken to combat the challenge of global cybercrime,” said John Titmus, Director of EMEA Sales Engineering at CrowdStrike.

“Our mission is to keep advancing the cybersecurity industry, to ensure all organizations are protected against all types of cyberattacks,” said Gil Shwed, CEO and Founder of Check Point Software Technologies. “Many organizations still have a detection mentality, but in the cyberspace, you cannot deal with the detection because by the time you detect, you have already lost. We all need to have a prevention mentality, because the biggest challenge in cybersecurity is the unknown.”

In addition to the panels and plenary sessions, Cybertech Europe 2019 also featured several special events, including a simulation game led by the Israel Electric Corporation, designed to simulate the decision-making process during a cyberattack.

Hundreds of leading companies, organizations, and startups showcased their innovative technologies and solutions at the exhibition that coincided with the conference.


Photos: Blu Cobalto Photography

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