DSIT Launches SwordFish TAS for Submarine Detection and Tracking

The SwordFish TAS system (Image: DSIT)

DSIT Solutions – an Israel-based company specializing in underwater defense and security solutions – will launch its SwordFish Towed Array Sonar (TAS) system at the Pacific 2019 expo, to be held next month in Sydney, Australia.

DSIT’s Fish anti-submarine warfare (ASW) family is capable of underwater target search, detection, tracking, and classification both in passive, active, and parallel modes. Each sonar system includes machine learning technologies for automation algorithms, reducing operator workload and required expertise, the company says. Designed to operate with the medium frequency of both the BlackFish Hull Mounted Sonar (HMS) and Bow Mounted Sonar (BMS) in littoral and deep-water ASW operations, the low-frequency SwordFish TAS is the latest solution to join the family.

The SwordFish TAS system is connected to the vessel’s stern via a light winch, the cable length of which is determined according to the mission type and requirements. The lightweight TAS system, with its low deck signature, is suitable for Frigates, Corvettes, Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) of various sizes, and even small vessels such as Fast Patrol Craft (FPC).

“We identified the operational need to locate and track submarines at various depths and in different mission environments, including when using small vessels for either offshore or green waters missions,” says Hanan Marom, VP Business Development & Marketing at DSIT. “SwordFish TAS is designed as a complementary system to the BlackFish HMS and BMS to meet the requirements of a wider range of missions.”

Other DSIT solutions that will be displayed at Pacific 2019 include the SeaShield Underwater Coastal Surveillance System – a long-range underwater Passive and Active detection system, warning against underwater and above-water targets including submarines, semisubmersible vehicles and surface ships; AquaShield – an advanced Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) system; and PointShield – a portable and/or stationary PDDS for medium-range ship or asset protection.

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