Inside IAF’s New VR Flight Simulator

Photo: Amit Agronov / IAF website

The Flight Academy’s Fighter Division is currently in the process of integrating a new VR (virtual reality) flight simulator. The simulator, which simulates flight in the Efroni (T-6 Texan II) aircraft, utilizes some of the most advanced technologies in the world, according to the IAF’s website.

“The simulator provides advanced instructional capabilities,” said Capt. Y., an aircrew member from the 253rd (“Negev”) Squadron, which operates the F-16I Sufa aircraft, and one of the simulator’s developers. “For instance, interconnected training in formation – that is, several cadets training in tandem and drilling dogfight elements.”

The trainees in the simulator are flight cadets in the primary stage of the flight course. Among other things, the simulator allows them to participate in tactical training, a field developed over the last decade, in which the cadets drill specially designated missions. 

“This is the first simulator in the IAF to allow for an interconnected exercise of up to four aircrews using VR goggles,” said Maj. Amir Shwachman, Head of the Helicopter & Transport Aircraft Simulator Department, who is responsible for the project. “Its effectivity will be tested over time, as it manages to improve our instruction quality.”