Reports: Airstrikes Target Pro-Iranian Militias on Syria-Iraq Border

One of the targets struck in the area of Al Bukamal (Screenshot: Twitter)

Pro-Iranian militias in Al Bukamal in Syria near the Iraqi border have been targeted by multiple airstrikes this week, Arab media reported.

According to a source cited by Independent Arabia, Saudi fighter jets took part in the airstrikes. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Saudi jet fighters, among others, were spotted bombing facilities and locations of Iranian militia in Al Bukamal.

“The aerial bombardment has destroyed repositories, rocket launchers and UAV bases, which Saudi Arabia think Iran was going to use to target Saudi targets following the Aramco attacks,” the source added.

On Wednesday, five people were killed and another nine were wounded in an airstrike carried out by unidentified aircraft that targeted positions of the Iranian-backed Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces militia in Al Bukamal, according to Sky News Arabia.

On Tuesday, the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news site reported that four airstrikes targeted positions belonging to Iraqi factions near the Iraq-Syria border. No injuries were reported in the strike.

On Monday night, 10 militants were killed in airstrikes by unidentified aircraft, likely unmanned, that targeted an ammunition depot and two other sites belonging to the Popular Mobilization Forces or other pro-Iranian factions in the area of Al Bukamal, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The director of the Observatory stated that according to the information that they have, the airstrikes on Monday night were likely carried out by Israel.


[Sources: The Jerusalem Post, Al Masdar, The Times of Israel]

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