IAF Takes Delivery of Two New F-35 Aircraft

Photo: IAF

Two new F-35I aircraft landed in Nevatim AFB on Sunday. The two fighter jets will join the ranks of the IAF’s “Adir” Division, which was declared operational in December 2017.

The “Adir” is currently operated by the 140th (“Golden Eagle”) Squadron. In several months, the 116th (“Defenders of the South”) Squadron is due to be established as the second F-35 squadron. The establishment of the squadron’s first building was celebrated last April in a ceremony, which also saw the reveal of its new emblem. “The squadron – as part of the ‘Adir’ Division – signifies the IAF’s momentum,” said Brig. Gen. Eyal Grinboim, then commander of Nevatim AFB.

“The establishment of the 116th Squadron marks the beginning of the ‘Adir’ Division,” said Lt. Col. N., commander of the squadron’s establishment crew. “A major part of the establishment process touches upon the complexity of this transformation. We take a well-developed squadron and maintain its power while creating another one to function alongside it.”


[Sources: IAF website]

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