Report: China Used iPhone Exploits to Target Uyghur Muslims

The Chinese government has reportedly used malicious website exploits monitoring iPhone users to target Uyghur Muslims.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, TechCrunch says that the malicious websites used to hack into iPhones, recently uncovered by Google researchers, were part of a “state-backed attack,” likely from China, designed to “target the Uyghur community in the country’s Xinjiang state.”

According to the report, Google security researchers found and recently disclosed the malicious websites this week, but until now, it wasn’t known who they were targeting.

The websites were part of a campaign to target the religious group by infecting an iPhone with malicious code simply by visiting a booby-trapped web page, the report adds. In gaining unfettered access to the iPhone’s software, an attacker could read a victim’s messages, passwords, and track their location in near-real time.