Mastercard Reports Data Breach of Loyalty Program in Germany

Mastercard disclosed a data breach to the German and Belgian Data Protection Authorities (DPA) involving customer data from the company’s Priceless Specials loyalty program.

The leak involved customers’ names, payment card numbers, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, gender, and dates of birth.

Mastercard said that “the incident is limited to the Specials program” and that the only payment card information leaked were the numbers of payment cards.

After the data leak was discovered, Mastercard suspended the German Priceless Specials and took down its website, leaving up only a message saying that "This issue has no connection to MasterCard’s payment network.”

Heise Media reported that it saw the Excel spreadsheets containing lists of roughly 90,000 and 84,000 rows that were distributed on the internet after the loyalty program was breached.


[Source:  Bleeping Computer]