Syria Says Air Defenses Intercepted Missile Attack

The missile was reportedly fired from the direction of northern Lebanon toward the Masyaf area, which has been repeatedly targeted in recent years in attacks attributed to Israel

Syrian anti-aircraft fire following the US-led airstrikes on Damascus in April 2018 (Photo: SANA via AP)

Syria claimed it shot down a missile that was fired toward the area of Masyaf in the Hama Governorate on Thursday night.

The missile, which was fired from the direction of northern Lebanon, was destroyed before hitting its target, Reuters reported citing a Syrian military source.

Earlier reports said that powerful explosions were heard throughout Masyaf. There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

Last month, Israeli company ImageSat International (ISI) released satellite images confirming that Russian S-300 air defense batteries had become operational around Masyaf.

The area around Masyaf, which is thought to be used as a base for Iranian forces and pro-Iranian militias has been repeatedly targeted in recent years in attacks attributed to Israel.


[Sources: Reuters, The Times of Israel]

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