Report: China, Other Countries Receive Oil from 12 Iranian Tankers in Defiance of US Sanctions

A New York Times investigation reveals that a dozen Iranian tankers delivered oil to China and other countries after May 2, when the US sanctions against Tehran took effect. The scale of the shipments discovered by the Times is said to be higher than what had been publicly known

Sources: Satellite imagery from Planet Labs; position data from MarineTraffic and Refinitiv -

China and other countries are receiving oil shipments from a larger number of Iranian tankers than was previously known, defying sanctions imposed by the United States Tehran, an investigation by The New York Times has found.

The Times examined the movements of more than 70 Iranian tankers since May 2, when the US sanctions took full effect.

Twelve of the tankers loaded oil after May 2 and delivered it to China or the Eastern Mediterranean, where the buyers may have included Syria or Turkey. Only some of those 12 tankers were previously known to have recently delivered Iranian oil, and an analyst said the scale of the shipments documented by The Times investigation is greater than what had been publicly known.

“US sanctions have not stopped Iran from moving oil to the Mediterranean and Asia,” said Noam Raydan, an analyst at ClipperData, which tracks global crude shipments.