Egypt Launches CubeSat into Space for Scientific Research

Egypt on Sunday announced the launch of its 1U CubeSat to the International Space Station, where it will be deployed into low Earth orbit for research purposes.

The NARSSCube-2 cube satellite was designed and built by Egyptian aerospace engineers at the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS).

Mohammad Zahran, Head of NARSS, said, “The satellite was wholly designed, programmed, tested and made by Egyptian engineers for research purposes, and to test the space systems that were designed inside the Egyptian space agency, which provide images with an accuracy of 150 meters.”

The CubeSat, which reportedly costs about $600,000 was launched on July 25, 2019, onboard SpaceX Dragon CRS-18 ISS resupply mission.

Zahran further said that Egypt would launch another CubeSat in the coming months. He also noted that Egypt is leading a sub-regional effort for the development of a new satellite to monitor the Nile Basin regions.


[Source: Africa in Space]