Russia Rolls Out New Coastal Defense Missile System

The Typhoon JSC Research and Production Enterprise/Kaluga Instrument-Making Plant (part of the Morinformsystem-Agat Concern) recently unveiled a new export variant of the Bal-E (SSC-6 Sennight) mobile coastal anti-ship missile system designated Rubezh-ME, according to Jane’s.

The Rubezh-ME system, which is mounted on a KAMAZ-6560 8x8 all-terrain chassis, includes a four-cell launch unit for Tactical Missiles Corporation Kh-35UE (‘AS-20 Kayak’) anti-ship missiles (ASMs), an over-the-horizon radar, and a fire control unit.

The Kh-35UE ASM weighs 670 kg, including a 145 kg warhead, and is capable of engaging a surface target at ranges between 7 km and 260 km. The missile produces a subsonic speed of M 0.8-0.85, flying at an altitude of 10 m-15 m and descending to 4 m prior to engaging the target. The Kh-35UE is furnished with INS/GLONASS navigation, with an active-passive radar for terminal stage guidance.

The KAMAZ-6560 weighs 26 tons, produces a road speed of 75 km/h, and has a cruise range of up to 1,000 km. The system is controlled by a two-person crew and can be supplied with either the Mineral-ME1 active radar or the Mineral-ME2 passive radar to detect surface targets at distances out to 250 km and 750 km respectively. Mineral-ME radars can simultaneously detect up to 200 targets.



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