IAF Takes Delivery of Two More F-35 Aircraft

The fifth-generation stealth fighter jets landed on Sunday at Nevatim Airbase, raising Israel's F-35 fleet to sixteen

Photo: Amit Agronov / IAF

Two new F-35 “Adir” fighter jets landed at Nevatim Airbase on Sunday, raising the number of advanced stealth aircraft in Israel’s arsenal to 16.

“The ongoing procurement of the ‘Adir’ is another expression of the long-term military cooperation between Israel and the US, which continues to produce exceptional results in the process of strengthening and streamlining the F-35,” the IDF said in a statement.

“The capabilities of the ‘Adir’ Squadron add another tier to the operational and strategic capabilities of the air force, which ensures the air force’s superiority in all its missions, namely the protection and safety of the State of Israel’s skies,” the military added.

Last month, the F-35 "Adir" aircraft participated in the "Tri-Lightning" exercise, led by the United States, with the participation of the British Air Force. The exercise demonstrated the F35’s capabilities in dealing with and defending against changing threats, as well as its contribution to operational development and readiness for a wide variety of scenarios.


[Sources: JNS, IAF website]