Aeronautics to Supply Orbiter 3 UAS to Asian Customer in $8M Deal

Photo: Aeronautics

Israeli defense company Aeronautics announced it had signed an $8 million deal to supply its Orbiter 3 unmanned aerial systems to an unspecified country in Asia. The contract will be performed over a one-year period.

As part of the deal, Aeronautics will provide the customer with Orbiter 3 unmanned aerial vehicles as well as maintenance and support services, the company said in a statement on Sunday.

The Orbiter 3 small tactical UAS (STUAS) is a compact, lightweight system for military and homeland security applications. It has an operational range of up to 100 km and up to 7 hours of endurance, and can carry a triple sensor payload with day-and-night, thermal image and laser pointer,

The fully-autonomous, vehicle-mounted system can be assembled in 20 minutes and enables static and on-the-move operation. Providing a tri-sensor and stabilized EO/IR payload, it uses a catapult take-off and a parachute and airbag recovery, and is electrically powered for silent covert operation.

The Orbiter 3 STUAS is suited for land as well as maritime environments, and requiring a very small logistic footprint. 

“This deal is a direct continuation of our customers’ confidence in Aeronautics products,” said CEO Amos Matan. “An agreement with a repeat customer is always a source of pride, and is proof of the strength and reliability of the advanced tools that Aeronautics develops and provides to 70 customers from countries around the world.”


[Source: The Jerusalem Post]