Putin’s Deal: Assad In, Iran Out

During the trilateral US-Russia-Israel summit, Netanyahu revealed Putin’s deal: Israel will act to preserve Assad’s rule, and in return, Russia will help remove the Iranians from Syria. The question remains, what if the Russians fail to meet their end of the bargain?

Speaking at a summit meeting between the national security advisers of Israel, Russia and the US in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that all three countries have a common goal – “to see a peaceful, stable and secure Syria.” To that end, he added, all “foreign forces that arrived in Syria after 2011” must be removed from the country, referring, of course, to the Iranians.

In other words, Netanyahu is essentially saying that Israel will support Assad’s remaining in power, and in return, Russia will act to remove the Iranian forces from Syria.

But what if the Russians fail to live up to their side of the bargain? Will Israel move to topple Assad? Naturally, this remains to be seen.