Israeli, Brazilian Companies Partner on Drone Swarm System for Precision Crop-Spraying

Israeli, Brazilian Companies Partner on Drone Swarm System for Precision Crop-Spraying

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SkyX, an Israeli agricultural-robotics tech company enabling a modular swarm of autonomous drones for spraying, has partnered with SkyDrones, a Brazilian company specializing in developing, manufacturing and operating imaging and inspection UAVs, as well as spraying drones.

SkyX’s proprietary swarming and automation technology enable variable rate application at hotspots (thus dramatically reducing the use of chemicals) or a traditional uniform farmland coverage. SkyX’s algorithms and system integrations enable pre-flight optimized planning, automated piloting, as well as post-flight data analysis enabling modular swarm flights to optimize productivity.

“We are deeply impressed with the professionalism of SkyDrones and look forward to leveraging our joint synergy to tangible opportunities in the North, Central, and South American markets,” said SkyX CEO Eylon Sorek. “Introducing a ready-to-go agriculture spraying solution based on a fleet of drones that work together will change the existing usage of chemicals dramatically and will set up new safety and accuracy standards in the existing operation.”

One of the topics to be discussed at the UVID 2019 Conference, to be held in Israel on November 7, 2019, is smart drone solutions for the agriculture, infrastructure, and energy sectors.

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