Netanyahu Aligns with Putin on Syria Ahead of Tripartite Meeting with Russia, US

In a joint press conference with US National Security Adviser John Bolton, the Israeli prime minister signals that he sees eye-to-eye with the Russian President regarding Assad’s remaining in power

After years of hardline Israeli rhetoric against the Assad regime which stood in contrast to the Russian stance, it seems that Jerusalem is starting to align with the Kremlin, and so does Washington.

In a joint press conference with US National Security Adviser John Bolton on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu referred to an upcoming meeting of the national security advisors of the United States, Russia, and Israel, saying “I hope and expect that this dialogue will be fruitful. I’m confident that it’s possible to both find common ground and chart a path forward that will help promote security and stability in the region, particularly in Syria.”

The Israeli PM also addressed the threat of Iran’s proxies in Gaza and Lebanon. “We in Israel saw Iran’s aggression in their increased efforts to establish Iranian military bases in Syria, in their increased efforts to provide sophisticated weapons to Hezbollah, in their increased financial support for terror proxies like Hezbollah, Hamas, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.”

Netanyahu further said that “Iranian forces fired dozens of rockets into Israeli territories, and flew drones into Israeli airspace.” It is possible that the prime minister was referring to an incident in May 2018 when Iranian forces launched 20 rockets into Israel.

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