IDF Concludes Massive Multi-Arm Exercise in Northern Israel

The five-day drill simulated war against the Hezbollah terror group on the northern front, and involved troops from the ground arm, the air force, and the navy

Photo: IDF

The Israeli military concluded a large-scale exercise in the Jordan Valley and in northern Israel on Thursday – the largest such exercise in two years.

The multi-arm five-day drill simulated war against the Hezbollah terror group. The troops practiced urban warfare capabilities while facing a hidden enemy who is entrenched underground and equipped with advanced weaponry, the IDF said in a statement.

This was the most extensive IDF exercise since the “Or HaDagan” Exercise in 2017. The exercise included newly- developed IDF capabilities that are expected to be included in the multi-year program dubbed “Momentum” and which are based on the decisive approach that is currently being developed and led by the Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi.

The IDF said that the troops also practiced maneuverability and multi-dimensional defensive abilities, employment of special forces, and carried out assaults using fire and intelligence information combined with new capabilities such as simultaneous use of multiple UAVs.

The Ground Forces National training Center trained the Depth Corps, the Special Forces, and 98th Division troops. The Ground Forces National training Center simulated a variety of scenarios in order to optimally utilize fire and intelligence on the battlefield, capabilities which have improved significantly over the last few years.

The drill coincided a large-scale exercise held by the air force this week simulating war on several fronts.

Hundreds of aircraft from combat squadrons, as well as helicopters and transport planes,  flew day and night flights as part of the exercise. The exercise focused on improving the troops’ preparedness for a scenario of intense fighting, significant and frequent strikes in short periods of time, as well as strengthening the multi-arm cooperation between air and ground forces.

The IAF’s Aerial Defense Array trained for scenarios in which it was required to detect and intercept a large number of projectiles.

Simultaneously, the Israeli Navy practiced various scenarios simulating combat in the northern sector over the course of the past week. The troops trained to fight an enemy at sea while dealing with many strategic challenges.

Israeli Navy forces simulated defense and attack capabilities using missile boats, submarines, routine security boats, and more. The exercise improved the Israeli Navy’s naval superiority and increased its readiness for combat, the IDF said.

“This exercise was an opportunity for IDF troops from all service to gain experience and professionalize, while experimenting with innovative and updated combat methods and imagining various scenarios aimed at maximizing the strength of the forces while integrating them with the rest. This exercise continued to improve the IDF’s preparedness for war,” said Brig. Gen. Nadav Lotan, the Commanding Officer of the Ground Forces National Training Center.

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Photos from the drill: IDF