With Israeli Help, US Institute Reveals Iran’s Pathway to Nuclear Bomb

Following a series of publications based on Iran’s nuclear archives, the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), in collaboration with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), recently published the complete Iranian nuclear weapon program.

Israeli sources provided ISIS with documents from the Iranian archives, and in some cases also helped with the translation of the documents from Farsi to English.

The report, titled “Iranian Pathway to a Nuclear Weapon under the Amad Plan – What We Learned from the Nuclear Archives,” provides detailed information on every step of the program.

The Israeli sources practically did what the Obama administration never asked Iran before signing the agreement in 2015: full disclosure of its military nuclear program. One could argue that Israel collaborated with an American institute so that the Trump administration will be able to negotiate a new deal with Iran on the basis of full disclosure of its nuclear program. This way, Trump could demand UN oversight of relevant sites that were exposed by ISIS after reviewing the nuclear documents.

It is worth noting that some of those sites were unknown to Western intelligence service prior to the capture of the Iranian nuclear archives by the Israeli Mossad in early 2018. This means that Israel’s historical intentions of attacking Iran were based on incomplete information, but this merits a separate article.


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