Elbit Introduces Autonomous Sub-Surface Target for ASW Training

Photo: Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems’ subsidiary in Canada, GeoSpectrum Technologies (GTI) has launched the Multipurpose Autonomous Sub-Surface Training Target (MASTT) system that enables true-to-life training experience of detecting and tracking submarines.

Cost and technical capacity impede modern Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) training as it often involves operating of either real submarines or training targets which are of a limited transmitting capacity.

MASTT imitates submarines from conventional to nuclear with a variety of running modes of operation. The system can replicate a submarines’ acoustic signature. In this mode, MASTT will transmit fixed frequencies, either independently, or when triggered by a received acoustic signal. Moreover, it can retransmit a synthetic echo of received acoustic signals while a Doppler shift can also be incorporated into the retransmitted echo, increasing or decreasing the intensity of the sound in line with the distance. These capabilities are available in both medium and low-frequency bands.

MASTT can operate in different running modes depicting standard submarine movement: Moving in a straight line in a fixed course, speed or depth, moving in a zig-zag pattern with course alterations, a near stationary mode and a multiple course, speed and depth alterations.

Less than 3 meters in length and a little over 32 centimeters in diameter, MASTT is suited for storage on an Mk 46 Mod 5 torpedo rack for quick launch and recovery as well as user-friendly deployment for surface ship crew. MASTT is equipped with rechargeable batteries providing a minimum of 8-hour operation endurance at 4 kts cruising speed and only 3-4 hour charging time.

Paul Yeatman, President of GTI, commented: “The MASTT training system provides operators the opportunity to cope with real-life scenarios at a fraction of the cost while contributing to the development of new ASW tactics. MASTT joins the GTI portfolio of advanced subsurface acoustic systems serving the defense, homeland security, Oil & Gas and environmental sectors.”


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