Google Launches Startup Growth Lab Program in Israel

Photo: Bigstock

Google has launched a four-month program in Israel to help startup companies grow globally using its experts and tools.

According to a report by Reuters, eight companies have so far been picked for the Google Startup Growth Lab Program, including DayTwo, a provider of personalized nutrition insights based on intestinal bacteria, and Guesty, a short-term property management platform.

“This is a program for startups that are beginning their growth period or have growth challenges,” said Lior Noy, startup growth lead at Google.

The format, which provides industry insights to achieve growth in various geographies, is a first for Google, he added.

Noy said the program will run three times a year and Google intends to prolong its cooperation with the startups even after the program’s end.

“We have a few teams that work with companies that are more mature and so we give them the best team to continue their growth,” he said.