Gaza Terror Groups Reveal New Rocket with 250-kg Warhead

The terror groups in the Gaza Strip are introducing a new rocket under the name Badr 3, claimed to have a 250-kg warhead. According to online reports, the range of the new rocket is estimated at 60 km.

The groups claim to have fired the missile toward Israel’s southern city of Ashkelon in the latest flare-up, though this was not confirmed by official Israeli sources.

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Photo: Reuters

The Oil Market Crisis

Commentary: In the darkest phase of the crisis, the objective of the financially sound OPEC countries will be diversification from oil to more technologically advanced and expanding sectors, without neglecting the oil sector. For the less financially sound countries, it will be about implementing great political reforms, which may at least stabilize the countries floundering in severe economic crisis, or having their oil assets quickly sold by the richest Arab countries.