Israel Charges East Jerusalem Resident with Spying for Hamas

Prosecutors filed an indictment against 39-year-old Obada Alami for allegedly maintaining contact with two operatives involved with Hamas in Turkey since October 2018


Prosecutors on Monday filed an indictment against East Jerusalem resident Obada Alami, 39, accusing him of espionage, contact with a foreign agent, and terror activities, the Justice Ministry said in a statement.

According to the charge sheet, lodged at the Jerusalem District Court, Alami had been in contact since October 2018 with two Hamas operatives who were in Turkey.

At their request, he filmed and gathered information about strategic security sites in Israel, including military bases and airports, with full knowledge that his activities were designed to help Hamas military operations, the indictment said.

The Hamas members also asked Alami to give them names of people suspected of selling land to Jews or of cooperating with Israeli security forces, according to the charge sheet.

Additionally, Alami is accused of collecting money from 2017 to 2018 and transferring it to Hamas to fund its operations.


[Source: The Times of Israel]

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