Report: India to Make “Emergency Purchase” of Spike Missiles

The Indian Army will reportedly buy 240 Spike medium-range anti-tank guided missiles and 12 launchers from Rafael

Photo: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

The Indian Army has approved the acquisition of 240 Spike MR (medium-range) anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and 12 launchers from Rafael as part of an “emergency purchase” to meet immediate operational requirements, Jane’s reported on Tuesday.

Official sources told Jane’s that the decision to acquire the Spike MR ATGMs was taken during the five-day bi-annual Army Commanders’ Conference in New Delhi that concluded on April 13.

They said the equipment is being procured under the recently enhanced financial powers of the Army’s Vice Chief of Staff, who now has the authority to acquire goods and materiel worth INR5 billion ($71.8 million) without prior approval from the Ministry of Defense.

The Spike MR is a man-portable missile system designed for urban warfare, ground support and special missions. It operates in Fire & Forget mode for autonomous-guided medium-range target engagement of up to 2.5 km. The missile uses an advanced electro-optic CCD/IIR seeker, sophisticated tracker, and a highly precise guidance system.

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