Israel Shipyards Delivers Shaldag FPCs to an African Country

The company said it would supply three Shaldag MK II and one Shaldag MK V Fast Patrol Crafts “to a country in Africa,” most likely Cameroon. The first vessel was launched last week

Israel Shipyards will deliver three Shaldag MK II and one Shaldag MK V Fast Patrol Crafts to a country in Africa. The deal includes crew and maintenance training and technical support. The first vessel was launched in a ceremony last week.

The Shaldag FPC is designed for naval security operations requiring high intercept speeds without sacrificing vessel’s control, the company said in a release.

It is likely that the country in question is Cameroon. It should be noted that in the past, the Israeli company has signed a contract with Nigeria for four Shaldag boats. Various reports have claimed that the deal was canceled.

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