Report: IAI in Talks with Colombia on Barak-8

Israel Aerospace Industries is reportedly negotiating a deal with Colombia for the sale of Barak-8 missile systems. As tensions increase along the border with Venezuela, it is likely that Colombia is worried that Maduro will take preemptive military action

IAI is reportedly in talks with Colombia regarding the sale of Barak-8 missile systems. (Some of the reports are incorrect, but they do reveal that the two countries are in contact with each other). IAI refused to comment on the issue.

According to the reports, one of the catalysts for Colombia’s interest in advanced air defense systems is the crisis in Venezuela. In the last few days, both countries have been concentrating military forces along the border. It was also reported that the United States had sought permission to use Colombia’s military bases in order to attack Venezuela if the need arises. While the Colombian government said it is not going to provide the US with military bases, the country still fears aerial attacks.

It should be reminded that Venezuela is in possession of a Russian S-300 missile system, which it recently unveiled, according to a satellite image published by the Israeli ImageSat International (ISI).

Israel’s Ministry of Defense did not comment on the matter.

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