US Gently Nudges Israel Aside, Launches F-16 Negotiations with Bulgaria

The Israeli Ministry of Defense has offered upgraded F-16 fighter jets to Bulgaria and Croatia. However, Sofia announced Wednesday it is ready to begin talks with the US on the acquisition of new F-16s, a move likely to seal the fate of the Israeli proposal

The Bulgarian government has approved a plan to start talks with the United States on buying eight new F-16 fighter jets to replace its aging MiG-29s and improve compliance with NATO standards, the defense minister said on Wednesday, according to Reuters

A deal for Lockheed Martin’s F-16V Block 70 would be worth around $1.1 billion, Bulgaria’s biggest military procurement since the fall of Communist rule some 30 years ago, the report adds.

Last year, Israel offered upgraded F-16 fighters to Bulgaria. However, the US has apparently managed to move aside the Israeli proposal. Will we see the same move in Croatia as well?

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