Israeli MCTECH Delivers Reactive Jamming Systems to US Army

Israeli MCTECH Delivers Reactive Jamming Systems to US Army


MCTECH RF Technologies announced it had delivered reactive jamming systems to the US Army. The MC-4/8 RA Man-Pack for in-the-field applications was sold to the Army for millions of shekels (the exact amount was not disclosed).

The MC-4/8 RA Man-Pack is a compact, lightweight, portable all-weather backpack for reactive jamming. The system is oriented to the protection of bomb-disposal and military personnel against Remote-Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED), or as a tool to disrupt enemy communications on the battlefield.

The system detects and disrupts enemy transmissions automatically and its special modular and scalable design can be used for various field missions. The system can also be fitted on automotive platforms such as armed vehicles, and protect soldiers while on the move.

“The main advantage of the systems is that they are reactive,” said Ido Bar Oz, vice president of MCTECH. “Our systems do not jam continuously, but only in response to attempts to trigger or transmit remote control improvised devices (RCIEDs). As a result, the outcome protects soldier’s health, saves battery life and has a low RF signature on the battlefield while still enabling optimal protection to maneuvering forces with little risk of exposure.”

The systems that were provided to the US Army have already passed the ATPs and were successfully deployed in the field in order to protect maneuvering forces.

MCTECH RF Technologies is an Israeli company that develops, manufactures and markets technological solutions in the field of electronic warfare for security forces, armies and government bodies in Israel. The company specializes in solutions designed to protect against improvised explosive devices, protection from scavengers, and amplification and disruption of communications signals.

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