Amid Fear of Turkey, Greece Eyes Rafael’s Trophy APS

Rafael’s Trophy active protection system was demonstrated to Greek officials on December 6, at a military camp in Avlona. The Israeli system was presented on Leopold main battle tanks by representatives of ALDI Ltd, according to a report by

Greece is reportedly concerned over the progress made by the Turkish Army on the active self-protection systems for the Leopard 2A4 and M60T tanks.

According to a report by, Greece is concerned of a possible military conflict with Turkey in the Evros river border.

Turkey, the report says, plans to equip some 200 tanks – 120 M60T, 40 Leopard 2A4, and 40 M60A3 TTS – with the Pulat system, the Turkish version of the Ukrainian Zaslon-L active protection system. The program is said to be led by Aselsan.

Greece is in possession of several hundred Leopold tanks. The terms of the deal with the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense are unclear at this point.