Netanyahu: Normalization with Arab States is Not Contingent on Peace with the Palestinians

During a Conference of Israeli Ambassadors to North America, Europe, International Organizations, the Middle East and Eurasia, Israel’s Prime Minister said he “will not mortgage peace with the Arab world on peace with the Palestinians

Photo: Kobi Gideon / GPO

“When I meet with Arab leaders they tell me ‘We have security and economic interests and we also want to enjoy the fruits of progress and we will no longer mortgage our normalization with the State of Israel to the Palestinians' caprices,’” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a conference of Israeli ambassadors to North America, Europe, international organizations, the Middle East, and Eurasia.

“This does not mean peace agreements yet, but it certainly says that a situation could be created in which our progress toward normalization and peace, instead of what we always thought, peace with the Palestinians [in order] to [make peace with] the Arab world, could actually be the reverse.

“I will not mortgage peace with the Arab world on peace with the Palestinians. We are trying, and we will yet try, but one does not determine the other. It would be good if there was an agreement with the Palestinians, but it cannot be the condition. We are not conditioning our cohesion with the Arab world – normalization, on peace with the Palestinians.”

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