DARPA Contracts BAE to Apply Machine Learning to RF Spectrum

BAE Systems has been awarded a $9.2 million contract from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop new machine learning algorithms and other related tools for users to better identify radio frequency signals.

Phase 1 of the Radio Frequency Machine Learning System program will see BAE focus on using cognitive approaches to make the algorithms with feature learning techniques. Scientists will also work to create algorithms that help users determine signals that are important versus those that are not in real time through a deep learning approach, BAE said Tuesday.

DARPA wants to counter adversaries’ efforts to disrupt RF signals and examine how machine learning can help in that. Internet-connected devices such as phones, drones, and sensors are another factor to consider in RF spectrum usage, according to BAE. Those devices can be used to hack, spoof and disrupt the RF spectrum.


[Source: Defense Systems]