Unmanned Systems in New Domains: UVID 2018 Conference is Underway

Over a thousand people from around the world have gathered at the Avenue Convention Center in Israel to participate in UVID 2018 – the 7th International Conference on Unmanned Vehicles. Dozens of companies are showcasing their systems in a major exhibition coinciding with the conference

Photo: Ronen Topelberg

Over a thousand people from around the world have gathered for UVID 2018 – the 7th International Conference on Unmanned Vehicles is currently taking place at the Avenue Conventions and Events Center in Airport City, Israel.

An initiative of IsraelDefense, the UVID conference is the foremost meeting place for all stakeholders in the field of unmanned vehicles in Israel, attended by leading Israeli and international players.

The conference, held for the seventh consecutive year, aims to coordinate a strategic vision of the world of unmanned vehicles in the air, sea, and land, to develop dialogue and to build a common world of knowledge for the broad community engaged in building the power and operation of this fascinating field.

A comprehensive exhibition is being held alongside the conference, displaying unmanned systems and supportive measures in the land, naval and aerial theaters. Among the companies participating in this event are Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Elbit Systems, Orbit, CTI, Elul Technologies, Airbus, Aeronautics, BlueBird Aero Systems, Steadicopter, Percepto, and many more.

Throughout the day, attendees will hear fascinating lectures from leading experts and senior officials in the field of unmanned vehicles. Among the speakers at the event are Brig. Gen. Nimrod Shifroni of the Israeli Air Force, Mr. Brendan Schulman of DJI, Ms. Racheli Chen of Israel’s Ministry of Defense, Rear Adm. (res.) Yaron Levy of Elbit Systems, MK Haim Jelin, Dr. Eliahou Shaul-Niv of IAI, and more.

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