Russia Delivers Automatic C2 System to Syria’s Air Defense

Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said Russia delivered a Polyana-D4 automatic command and control system for Syria’s S-300 air defense systems

Polyana-D4 automatic command and control system has been supplied to Syria together with S-300 air defense systems, Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said. 

"As you may know, for enhancing the security of Russian personnel, flight safety and the protection of facilities in Syria the supply of S-300 air defense systems and sets of the automated air defense systems Polyana-D4 has been completed," he said.

"Currently Russian military advisers are instructing Syrian personnel to operate these advanced air defense means. We believe that the ‘hotheads’ should assess the current situation in the region properly and refrain from provocative actions in Syria’s territory," Konashenkov added.

A military-diplomatic source told TASS Russia had provided Syria with three battalions of the S-300PM air defense system (eight launchers in each) free of charge. The S-300 provided to Syria have undergone overhaul and are fully operational. The launchers were provided together with a set of more than 100 guided missiles for each battalion.


[Source: Army Recognition]


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