Rafael Reveals Multi-Layered Defense Solution against Naval Swarm Threats

Rafael is preparing for the age of swarm warfare in the marine arena and introduces a multi-layered solution based on Spike missiles and Typhoon RCWS. In the meantime, the solution does not deal with UUV swarms

A model of Rafael's Protector USV (free-use photo)

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is introducing a multi-layered approach to tackle the threat of a swarm attack in the maritime domain.

The company’s solution is derived from a threat assessment, which among other parameters includes the number of targets comprising the swarm, their size, velocity, ammunition and the geography of the littoral arena.

As a defensive solution, Rafael employs a layered defense approach that combines its Spike family of surface-to-surface missiles and its Typhoon RCWS family.

Spike ER & NLOS are electro-optical missiles with an effective range of up to 8 km and up to 30 km respectively. Both are equipped with CCD/IIR sensors for day and night operation and can be utilized in either a Fire & Forget or a Fire & Steer modes.

Typhoon RCWS vary from a medium caliber guns (25mm or 30mm) or a small caliber machine-gun known as Mini-Typhoon RCWS (7.62mm or 12.76mm), with effective engagement ranges of about 2 km and 1 km respectively.