Euronaval 2018: Rafael to Unveil New Torpedo Defense Capability

The company will showcase its multi-layered defense suite for the maritime domain and present for the first time its active Advanced Torpedo Defense capability for surface vessels

Photo: Rafael

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will present for the first time its 360° multi-layered suite of maritime defense solutions at Euronaval 2018. The company’s advanced solutions provide naval forces defense against modern naval threats, such as naval area defense, swarm attack defense, and torpedo defense.

Rafael will also unveil for the first time its new ATDS – active Advanced Torpedo Defense capability for surface vessels. ATDS provides detection capabilities, locator sensors, and neutralization capabilities for naval forces.

Based on Rafael’s Torbuster underwater active decoy, ATDS provides an effective defense against all types of acoustic homing torpedoes. Upon detection of an incoming torpedo (external to the system), the ATDS will launch a decoy from an external launcher. The decoy will propel itself to a safe distance from the submarine and seduce the incoming torpedo by transmitting specific acoustic signals. As the torpedo homes in on the decoy, the decoy will sense when it is at the closest point of approach and self-explode, inflicting sufficient damage to the torpedo to neutralize it.

Rafael’s multi-layered naval defense suite is comprised of a number of systems, including the following:

  • C-DOME – Naval area defense system, a maritime version of the Iron Dome air defense system
  • TYPHOON 30mm-C – Stabilized & remotely-operated weapon system for guns up to 30 mm
  • TYPHOON MLS ER/NLOS – Pin-point accuracy weapon system, based on Rafael-proven assets incorporating the SPIKE missile
  • PROTECTOR USV – Unmanned integrated naval system for a variety of naval and security missions
  • SHADE – Comprehensive torpedo defense solution for Submarines
  • SEWS-DV – Digital shipborne electronic warfare suite
  • C-GEM – Shipborne off-board active decoy against current and new generation anti-ship missiles
  • ATDS – Torpedo defense solution for surface ships
  • TORBUSTER – 4th-generation hard-kill torpedo countermeasure
  • SEA SPOTTER – Naval IR Staring and Tracking System (IRST)
  • SEACOM – IP/VoIP Shipborne Communication System

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