IAI to Convert Caterpillar Dozers into Autonomous Systems

Photo: IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) won a contract for the conversion of Caterpillar Dozers into autonomous dozers that will be commissioned for complex engineering tasks in threatened areas.

The new autonomous dozer provides various degrees of autonomy including movement and earthworks for a range of applications: construction, trailblazing in hard off-road conditions and the removal of large or suspicious obstacles efficient and without risking human lives. The system is fitted with object detection and avoidance capabilities and is designed to work in all weather and visibility conditions.

Meir Shabtai, General Manager of IAI’s Robotic Systems Division, said, “The Autonomous Dozer takes us an additional step further in providing the necessary readiness level for the future battlefield. It allows effective and efficient execution of complex engineering assignments over prolonged periods of time with no human intervention, thus significantly reducing the risk for humans. The unique technology was developed by IAI over the past decade, offering a major breakthrough in autonomous capabilities, in particular for challenging off-road conditions.”

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