IDF Ground Arm Continues to Equip Infantry Brigades with Tavor, Micro-Tavor Assault Rifles

IDF warfighters in exercise (Photo: IDF)

IsraelDefense has learned that the IDF Ground Arm continues to equip the regular infantry brigades (Golani, Nahal, and Givati), as well as three reserve brigades, with tens of thousands of third-generation Micro-Tavor and Tavor assault rifles manufactured by IWI. It is understood that the continued acquisition stems from the army’s satisfaction with the rifles’ capabilities, performance, and reliability.

The third-generation Micro-Tavor features additional capabilities derived from operational experience accumulated from routine security activities in Israel’s various sectors, and lessons learned from the latest rounds of fighting in the Gaza Strip, including Operation Protective Edge.

The third-generation Micro-Tavor is a reliable and precise weapon designed to improve the effectiveness of IDF infantry soldiers and is suitable for the challenges of the modern battlefield. The Micro-Tavor’s uniqueness lies in the combination of compact dimensions on the one hand, with a long, 380mm barrel on the other. This enables improved performance in urban warfare and other close combat situations and makes it an effective assault rifles in ranges up to about 500 meters.

The Micro-Tavor is a multi-caliber platform which can be used to fire various types of ammunition. It can function as a 9mm caliber submachine gun, a 5.56mm caliber assault rifle, and a .300 AAC Blackout.

The development of the Micro-Tavor began in 1995 in cooperation with IDF Special Forces units, and the Tavor AR configuration entered service with the Israeli military in 2006. Later, the IDF started purchasing the Micro-Tavor as the main assault rifle for infantry soldiers. The Tavor and Micro-Tavor are currently the only Israeli bullpup assault rifles sold to other militaries around the world. 

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