Israel Police Purchasing Tactical Electric Vehicles

The new vehicles, manufactured by the Israeli company DSRaider, are designed to carry fighters and equipment in difficult terrain

Photo: DSRaider 

The Israel National Police (INP) has recently begun purchasing four-wheeled tactical electric vehicles, manufactured by the Israeli company DSRaider and designed to carry fighters and equipment in difficult terrain. The first order also includes electrical carts that can be attached to the vehicles.

The new manned vehicles are intended for use by a wide variety of police missions, including border police, municipal police, and more. The INP is still testing the vehicles since this is a new, unfamiliar capability.

The DSRaider is a military conversion of the company’s civilian EZRaider vehicle, aimed at improving force mobility. The vehicle has an operational capacity of up to 80 km and can carry up to 420 kg with the addition of an operational cart.

"The high reliability of the vehicle and the simplicity of maintenance significantly reduce maintenance costs, and the ease of operation minimizes the need to invest resources over time,” says Brig. Gen. (res.) Miki Bar, the company’s CEO. “The high carrying capacity can be extended in a modular fashion by connecting the vehicle to the cart, which is unique in the sense that it can be both electric and non-electric. In the electric configuration, the cart does not slow down the vehicle and allows it to carry considerably high weights.”

It should be noted that these tactical electric vehicles have been used recently by security forces operating in burned areas surrounding the Gaza Strip, which resulted from incendiary kites and balloons launched from Gaza into Israeli territory.

According to Bar, the company anticipates that the system will be widely adopted for a broad range of activities, including infantry maneuvers, ground and airborne units operations, critical infrastructure security, firefighting operations, public security, and more.