CardioScale Announced Winner of the 2018 Combating Terrorism Technology Startup Challenge

Co-founders of CardioScale with the contest organizers (Photo: Dror Sithakol)


Israeli startups CardioScale and Colugo were announced as the winners of the "2018 Combating Terrorism Technology Startup Challenge" (CTTSC3), organized by the US Department of Defense, Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO), together with the Israel Ministry of Defense, Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D, aka MAFAT), and the MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel. Both startups were chosen from amongst hundreds who applied to the contest from all over the world, and 23 who reached the finals.

CardioScale, who won the $100,000 first prize, has embedded a proprietary medical monitoring algorithm in a portable arm-cuff to enable dramatic improvements in triaging, monitoring, and therefore survival rates of victims of terrorist attacks and other mass-casualty events.

Colugo, who won the second prize of $ 10,000, has developed a breakthrough UAV technology that provides the advantages of both quadrotor and fixed-wing technologies, without the disadvantages of either. The technology can take off and land vertically like a drone and fly for long distances and durations like a fixed wing UAV.

The finals took place during the "Combating Terrorism Technology Conference," held on the first day of CyberWeek (June 17, 2018), at Tel Aviv University. Both winners competed in the General Technologies Track, which had ten finalists. Thirteen additional finalists are competing in the second track of the challenge – the Urban Navigation Track. Two of them will be awarded prizes following a live demonstration to be held in a test facility later in the year.


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