The Israeli Navy is Leasing a Seagull USV from Elbit

The Navy is operating an Elbit-made Seagull multi-mission unmanned surface vessel, designed for maritime protection missions such as anti-submarine warfare and naval mine hunting operations

The Israeli Navy is leasing a single Elbit Systems-made Seagull USV on an hourly basis, said CEO Bezhalel (Butzi) Machlis at a conference held earlier this month. IDF Spokesperson's Unit confirms that the naval arm is indeed leasing the vehicle.

The Seagull is designed to carry out unmanned maritime missions, such as protection of critical sea areas and high-value assets against submarines and sea mine threats.

The 12-meter-long USV can be operated from a mother ship or on-shore stations. It provides multi-mission capabilities including Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Mine Hunting & Mine Sweeping (MCM), Electronic Warfare (EW), maritime security and underwater commercial missions. It features inherent C4I capabilities for enhanced situation awareness and mission endurance of more than four days. Via satellite communications, the Seagull can operate beyond the line of sight.

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