Cybertech LATAM 2018: More than 1000 Attendees from 10 Countries

The 2nd Cybertech Latin America Conference and Exhibition was held on Thursday at the City of Knowledge in Panama City. Cybertech LATAM featured exhibition space for startup companies alongside the conference sessions, including a unique startup pitch contest

From Cybertech LATAM 2018 (Photos: Cybertech)

Recognizing Panama as a regional and global leader in business, cyber, banking, and innovation, Cybertech debuted in Panama for a 1-day conference and exhibition in March 2017. Following a hugely successful event, Cybertech returned to Panama for Cybertech Latin America 2018, which took place yesterday, February 22, 2018, at the City of Knowledge.

Among the keynote speakers at Cybertech LATAM were:

Amb. Gil Artzyeli, Ambassador of Israel to Panama

Roberto Roy, Minister of Panama Canal Affairs

Jorge R. Arosemena, Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation

Eng. Jorge Luis Quijano, General Administrator of Panama Canal

Cybertech Latin America attendees enjoyed sessions on a variety of relevant topics, among them finsec, critical infrastructure, cyber at the national level, and fostering entrepreneurship.

The cybersecurity for critical infrastructure panel, moderated by Rami Efrati, Founder & President of Firmitas Cyber Solutions, included Ray Guzman, CEO of ISEC International; Carlos Alvarado, CEO of Fronteras Security; and Ami Braun, VP Business Development at Cyberbit.

The finsec panel addressed the issue of cybersecurity for the banking and financial industry. The session, moderated by Sergio Heker, CEO of Glesec, was participated by Aimee Sentmat, President of Banistmo; Dan Pinchasi, CEO of Venmetro; Felipe Echandi, Founder of Panafintech; and Eli Faskha, CEO of Seluciones Seguras.

More than 1000 people from ten countries attended the event. Participants included technicians, c-level, and executives from all vectors of industry and government.

Ziv Aviram, Co-Founder, President and CEO of OrCam Technologies (who also co-founded Mobileye), presented a revolutionary technology: A portable, wearable visual system with 'human-like' capabilities utilizing artificial computer intelligence and augmented reality. The platform improves the lives of individuals who are blind, visually impaired, and have reading difficulties.

Cybertech LATAM provided the stage for international networking for thought leaders, high-tech experts, entrepreneurs and decision-makers – all under one roof.

In the photo: Amb. Gil Artzyeli with Stanley Motta, Chairman of the Board of Copa Holdings

Hundreds of industry leaders and honored guests from around the world participated in Cybertech LATAM's festive cocktail reception, during which Amb. Gil Artzyeli and Ziv Aviram discussed Israel's place in the global cyber ecosystem.  

The unique value of Cybertech Latin America in Panama lies in the integration of the academic, governmental, technological and commercial. Cybertech LATAM 2018 provided opportunities for learning from experts at the highest level, but also connections to the newest and most innovative young startups. Cybertech Latin America featured exhibition space for startup companies alongside the conference sessions, including the unique Cybertech "Innovation Pavilion" for startup companies and the startup pitch contest.


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