IMOD, IAI Deliver Second CAEW G550 to Italy

As part of the Israel-Italy Reciprocal Procurement Agreement, the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Israel Aerospace Industries have delivered the Second CAEW G550 aircraft to the Italian Air Force

IMOD, IAI Deliver Second CAEW G550 to Italy

Photo Credit: Yaacov Saar

Israel and Italy have completed the reciprocal procurement deal entered by both governments in 2012 with the delivery of the second of the two Conformal Airborne Early Warning (CAEW) aircraft to Italy's ministry of defense by representatives of Israel's Ministry of Defense and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

CAEW is an early warning and control system mounted on the Gulfstream G-550 business jet. Developed by IAI's subsidiary ELTA Systems, CAEW has been used by the Israeli Air Force for 12 years now. The version supplied to Italy features advanced radar with enhanced performance and a NATO-compatible communication system developed jointly by ELTA and Leonardo Communications from Italy. The first CAWE aircraft, which was delivered to Italy a year ago, was well received by the Italian Air Force and has already participated in several drills with NATO's air forces to the utmost satisfaction of the customer.

Brig. Gen. (res.) Dr. Daniel Gold, head of IMOD's Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), commented: "CAEW is the culmination of the fruitful collaboration between the ministries of defense of Italy and Israel and is based on mutual understanding of the needs and challenges of each party. Our agreement with the Italian government, of which CAEW is only one result, covers over NIS 4 billion in reciprocal procurement with Israel's defense industries in addition to Israel's procurement of 30 trainer aircraft from Italy for its air force. This large-scale collaboration is very significant for the Israeli industry: it leverages advanced technologies used by Israel Defense Forces, including the delivery of two CAEW aircraft and a photography satellite with the world's most advanced capabilities."

IAI President & CEO, Joseph Weiss, commented: "We are proud to complete our part in this binational collaboration and to deliver one of IAI's most advanced technological flagship platforms to Italy's in full compliance with intricate technological and engineering specification and within short lead time. The second CAEW aircraft delivered joins other IAI systems active on Italy's strategic intelligence operations, including the advanced, OPTSAT3000 observation satellite launched last summer. This collaboration is part of the close ties we develop with Italy and the European defense industry, which we hope to continue reinforcing."


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